Monday, 23 January 2012

What is beautiful for you?

Wow, this question really made me think a lot. I think I’m not beautiful enough to answer this question. Just looking at the question it makes me sad in a little way. But, as I carefully read it, as I made a little reflection and checking myself on the mirror, well I guess it’s not a question about physical perfection. It is all about the inner beauty.

We all have our own perception of what beauty is, some would prefer beauty as something they can see in the face and the body if it has curves in it, and some prefers the characteristic of the person. Are we here to judge? Because for me everyone is beautiful, I may not have perceive it but someone does or the way around. You see, in every culture or every norm they have their own set of rules about what beauty is. Some culture, likes overweight women, some would like women with the biggest holes in their earlobes, some like thin women, some culture like darker women, before during the Elizabethan time women with the most pale skin is the most beautiful. So we cannot say which is which as far as beauty is concern.

Since everyone already knows about culture differences we are now judging the person by its characters. Everyone can be beautiful but not all have the nicest attitude to boast. Men nowadays are not at all picky when it comes to who they want to marry, since marriage is the most crucial decision a man can do, he has to be careful in choosing the right girl for him. I have asked several guys out there mostly those who are happily married. Here are some of their answers: they think a girl can be beautiful if she knows how to manage the house, if she’s smart and has her own decision, if she loves her parents because that would mean she’s loveable too, if a girl knows how to cook, if a girl is funny, if she cares a lot.

All the answers are all about characters they don’t even mention any physical appearances.  So girls, don’t worry about your looks worry about how to improve your inner self, that’s the most important thing. Beauty outside will fade away but beauty inside will last forever. Everyone will love you, will respect you, and want to be with you.

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